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انضم إلى فريقنا

تبحث أكاديمية آرثر عن معلمين متحمسين ومتحمسين ...

  • مكرسة لتسريع التحصيل التعليمي والكفاءة الأكاديمية لكل طالب

  • امتلك مهارات إدارة صفية إيجابية ممتازة

  • دعم فلسفات أكاديمية آرثر

  • تشجيع نمو وتطور كل طفل في الفصل

  • حاصلاً على موافقات وشهادات تعليمية مناسبة


هل أنت مهتم بالانضمام إلى فريق أكاديمية آرثر؟

يرجى إرسال: خطاب تغطية كامل وسيرة ذاتية (يجب أن تكون شاملة مع إظهار الشغف والمؤهلات والخبرة القابلة للتطبيق للوظيفة) إلى

لا تميز أكاديمية آرثر في أي من برامجها أو إجراءاتها أو ممارساتها ضد أي شخص على أساس العمر أو الجنسية أو اللون أو الإعاقة أو الأصل القومي أو الانتماء السياسي أو العرق أو الدين أو التوجه الجنسي أو حالة المحاربين القدامى أو أي خاصية أخرى محمية بموجب القانون.


Arthur Academy is seeking enthusiastic and motivated teachers who…

  • Are dedicated to accelerating educational achievement and academic competency of each student

  • Have excellent positive classroom management skills

  • Support the philosophies of Arthur Academy

  • Encourage the growth and development of each child in the classroom

  • Have proper endorsements & teaching certificates


Interested in joining the Arthur Academy team?

Please apply:


(Cover letter & resume should be comprehensive while demonstrating passion, qualifications and applicable experience for position.)

Resource Coordinators

Campus locations:

  • Portland

  • Troutdale

  • Woodburn

To Apply:

We are looking for people to work in a school setting to monitor students at recess and lunch, help keep the school clean and assist the school staff with other duties as needed.

Clean, sanitize and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and shared objects between uses.

Maintain clean and disinfected environments, including classrooms, lunchrooms, bathrooms and playgrounds.
Apply disinfectants safely and correctly following labeling direction as specified by the manufacturer. Keep these products away from students.
Operate ventilation systems properly and/or increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors, using fans, and through other methods.
Facilities should be cleaned and disinfected at least daily to prevent transmission of the virus from surfaces.
Ensure there is air circulation and filtration in buildings.

Help students remember to wash hands before and after using playground equipment.
Designate playground and shared equipment solely for the use of one cohort at a time.
Disinfect between sessions and between each group’s use.
Maintain cleaning requirements.
Maintain physical distancing requirements, stable cohorts, and square footage requirements.
Provide signage and restrict access to outdoor equipment (including sports equipment, etc.).
Design recess activities that allow for physical distancing and maintenance of stable cohorts.
Clean all outdoor equipment between cohorts.

Ensure all staff who are serving meals are wearing face shields or face covering.
Ensure students wash hands or use hand sanitizer before meals and should be encouraged to do so after.
Maintain appropriate daily cleaning of meal items (e.g., plates, utensils, transport items) in classrooms or where meals are consumed.
Constantly clean and sanitize all of the meal touch-points and meal counting system between stable cohorts.
Regularly clean tables between meal periods.


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